Yarno Vandenbroeck of Home Solution-Soenens Cycling Team about Fore

"The Fore wheels are great. They are light and stiff. With the different rim heights of 4 cm and 5 cm the wheels offer me an ideal solution everywhere." Yarno Vandenbroeck Home Solution-Soenens cycling Team

“With the Home Solution-Soenens Cycling team we race with Fore Four and Five TRD (tubular). During my first ride with the Fore cycling wheels I was very impressed. The beautiful looks give a real 'wow' effect to my bike. In addition, the wheels are equipped with DT-Swiss 350 hubs and Sapim spokes. What else do you need as a racing cyclist? "

“In the races we have the choice between rim heights of 4 cm or 5 cm. The choice of the rim heights depend on the course, wind, cobblestones, ... but thanks to the beautiful wide rim, every height can perfectly be used on all terrains. The 26 wide tubes fit perfectly on the rim, giving you an optimal aero profile. The driving behavior is just great, on every terrain you feel that the wheels want to move forward. In every turn you feel the stiffness of the wheel, so you really use your power in every pedal stroke.

“In short, as a material freak and cyclist I am impressed. I am convinced that Fore makes wheels that you need. ”

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