Crash Replacement

We are pleased to contribute to your ultimate cycling trips, because ‘performance is everything’. It is important to us that you succeed in achieving the goals you have in mind. But even more importantly, we want you to be safe when riding your bike.

In addition to the three-year warranty that we offer on our wheels (two years standard, and one additional year after registration), we offer lifetime crash replacement. This is because, in case of a crash, we obviously want to help you get back on your bike with new Fore wheels as soon as possible. This will enable you to get back on the road safely, in addition to giving your bike a new boost. 

To make a claim under the crash-replacement programme, you may either take your Fore wheels to your dealer or send them to the Fore Service Centre. Click here to read the terms and conditions for crash replacement. To send a wheel to the Fore Service Centre, please fill out the following Crash Replacement form.

If you have questions about crash replacement, please contact our Service and Warranty department at +31 (0)46 457 27 97. They will be happy to help you.