What are the ultimate wheels for you? Are those wheels that are even lighter and more aerodynamic? Do those wheels give you more self-confidence with every pedal stroke? Or do they have a design that gives your bike a real boost? When developing the wheels, we understood exactly what you consider important and what would bring out the best in you and your bike. Here in this webshop, you can find the very best wheels that match your cycling characteristics and objectives for your ultimate cycling trips. Which set will you choose?


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€ 1.699,00

Do you want to be the fastest, no matter the course, and want your cycling performance even further to improve? Race your competition with the limited edition Fore Four CRD SL past. This lightweight version of the Four CRD is specially designed to save weight and take your cycling performance to the next level. This low weight pays off especially during climbing. These are also lightweight wheels tubeless compatible. These high quality bicycle wheels are equipped with multiple attributes that lower the wheels in weight and put performance first such as: lightweight rims, internal nipples, lazer etched graphics, special spokes and special hubs. The Fore Four CRD SL features Sapim CX Ray spokes and DT Swiss 240 hubs. These wheel parts are additions that guarantee both quality and all-round top performance. This article is also handbuild in the Netherlands, a true pride that every cyclist can enjoy.

- Lightweight
- Handmade in the Netherlands
- Tubeless compatible
- Internal nipples
- Laser engraved
- Sapim Aero Ray spokes
- DT Swiss 240
- Limited Edition

Available in multiple variants


€ 1.349,00

Transform your bike into a race monster with the new Fore Six CRD. These hand-spoked Carbon Tubeless Disc-brake wheels were developed using the latest technologies in stiffness, aerodynamics and comfort. The combination of the CX Ray Aero spokes and DT Swiss 350 hubs leads to quality and top acceleration. Due to this composition the cycler enjoys as little resistance as possible, which ensures maximum speed and efficiency. With a rim height of 58mm, this is the perfect wheelset for every sprinter, triathlete, time trialist and every challenging flat ride.

CRD stands for Clincher Road Disc. These rims are suitable for clincher and folding tires and are tubeless ready (TLR). The wheels are only compatible with disc brake systems.

Available in multiple variants