About Fore

Fore Cycling Wheels was established by a group of enthusiastic racing cyclists with knowledge of product and development. Not surprisingly, the idea to make the very best wheels was born while cycling. This group was convinced that a solid, reliable set of wheels could make all the difference during any cycling trip. The wheel set would have to be one that could be trusted to give a boost with every turn of the pedals – a wheel set that could bring out your best performance, regardless of the goal that you have in mind. At the same time, it should enhance the appearance of your bike and draw looks of envy from many a cycling fanatic.

It was from this mind set that Fore was born. At Fore, we believe that all racing cyclists should be able to ride on wheels that are ideally suited to their own personal characteristics and objectives.

Fast Object Racing Earth

We were so excited that we started working on our idea immediately. We wanted to start contributing as quickly as possible to the ultimate cycling trip for everyone, because ‘performance is everything’. This gave our brand name a new meaning right away: Fore stands for Fast Object Racing Earth. 

With this idea in mind, Fore now delivers highly reliable wheels for the best possible cycling experience. We impose the highest quality standards on our wheels. We build every wheel with the greatest of care in the Netherlands, and each wheel is subjected to the most stringent quality inspections and tests. In addition, we cooperate with renowned suppliers, including DT Swiss and Sapim. We can therefore guarantee sturdy wheels that will provide you with the ultimate carefree cycling experience.

Proceeding from our own drive and dedication to Fore, we have developed the very best wheels for you. This is obvious, even in the tiniest details. We manage the entire process of creating our wheels, from R&D all the way to the comprehensive service and warranty that we offer. 

Our commitment means we fully believe in our wheels. At the same time, we are constantly working to improve our wheels and processes. We therefore greatly value hearing your opinions, and we are ready to help as quickly as possible, with a focus on solutions.

In addition to the characteristics that contribute to your cycling experience, the elegant and stylish design of our wheels will make your bike complete. Fore has the quality and image that you could expect: state-of-the-art and refined to the tiniest detail. The design is sure to raise the appearance of your bike to an unprecedented level.

By choosing Fore, you are choosing the ultimate in performance at many different levels. Go for our aerodynamic, solid and light wheels. They will guarantee a major improvement in your cycling experience, and raise your performance to a whole new level. At Fore, we are innovative, and we strive for perfection. We are therefore always improving. This is the only way to let you achieve the goals you have in mind.

Boost your Bike with Fore. These wheels will give you a true upgrade to your bike’s look and cycling experience. They will bring out the best in your performance, regardless of the goals you have in mind. As we all know, ‘performance is everything’.