Technology and development


Only the highest-quality parts are good enough to make up Fore products. Fore wheels are thoroughly tested by a team of experienced cyclists before they get to be used on the road.

Fore rims are manufactured using Carbon Performance Technology (CPT).
We also only use the best spokes and valves. Fore wheels’ high quality is made complete with DT Swiss hubs. We import all these parts and assemble them by hand in the Netherlands, guaranteeing the cycling performance you would expect from top-quality wheels made in this way.


High-grade carbon fibres from Japan are used to make Fore carbon wheels. These ultra-strong fibres are woven using a unique method and bonded together with a nano epoxy resin. Known as Carbon Performance Technology (CPT), this process results in a top-grade end product.


We want every Fore user to feel safe and in control when cycling. Optimal braking performance is a big part of feeling safe. We achieve this braking performance in CR series wheels by balancing the combined action of the brake edge and the brake pads: advanced rim-brake performance (ARP). The ARP Brake Tech / CR brake pads ensure that the heat released by the friction between the brake pad and rim edge can never cause damage whatever happens. 


Quality is Fore’s top priority. Fore wheels meet all UCI standards and undergo testing including pull-through and burst-pressure tests. All Fore wheels have to meet the F11.QS quality standard. We check these 11 quality standard points thoroughly before the wheels leave our warehouse. So we can be sure that every wheel fulfils your expectations.  

Phase 1 ✓Weight
✓Visual inspection (carbon structure, decal application)

Phase 2 ✓Rim height
✓Internal width
✓External width
✓Spoke holes/valve hole 
✓Spoke tension

Phase 3 ✓Hub check/Body ✓De-stressing 

Phase 4 ✓Final check