Fore - Five RD

Clincher / Tubeless Ready wheels

Do you aim for endless long roads? The Fore Five RD Road Disc is specially designed for road performance with ultimate cycling experience. With 50mm high rims, the Five RD transforms your bike into an outright sprint bomb. The new Fore Four RD include a wider rim which allows for wider tires to be mounted. The rim height and low weight are the ideal balance for long rides on flat roads.
Performance is everything, which is why Fore's wheels provide ultimate comfort and speed on the most challenging rides. The wheel sets are equipped with DT Swiss 350 hubs. The Matte Royal Black rims with Glossy Black decals feature a new aesthetic design. In addition, the wheel sets are available with Shimano and SRAM bodies.

Optimized for wider tires
The new Fore carbon wheels are equipped with a wider rim allowing wider tires to be mounted. This gives the tire a nice curve and allows you to ride at a lower pressure without increasing rolling resistance. The minimum tire width we recommend is 28mm.

Equipped with the latest DT Swiss 350 hubs
This wheelset are built with the new DT Swiss 350 hubs. These hubs are equipped with the Ratchet 36 SL system that distributes force more evenly than the pawl system. In addition, these hubs are lighter and easier to maintain without the use of specialized tools.

Strong and reliable with Sapim Spokes
With Fore you can rely on the highest quality components. That is why the wheels are built with Sapim Aero CX Spokes. These spokes are strong, have an aerodynamic profile to reduce drag and are essential for the stability and reliability of the wheels. Finally, they are finished with DT Swiss Squorx Pro Head Pro Lock Brass spoke nipples.

Tubeless Ready
The Fore wheelsets are Tubeless Ready and come standard with a rim tape. Of course, the wheels are also suitable for a wire or folding tire. The wheels come standard with wheel bag and tubeless valve.

In the box:
- Fore Five RD Wheel Set
- Rim tape (Assembled)
- Wheel bag
- Tubeless Valve 50mm

Cassette body

€ 1.399,00


  • EAN 8718223021130
  • OEM FOR-WS-019
  • Bearings Front: 2x 6902 / Rear 2x 6902
  • Braking system Disc brake
  • Cassette body Shimano
  • Decal type Waterslide
  • Diameter (mm) 622
  • Disc attachment Centerlock
  • Hub DT Swiss 350
  • Hub Axl diameter front (mm) 12
  • Hub axl diameter rear (mm) 12
  • KLeurnew Black
  • Material Carbon
  • Material type Carbon
  • Maximum load (kg) 120
  • Maximum pressure (Bar) 8
  • Model FIVE
  • Number of spokes front wheel 24
  • Number of spokes rear wheel 24
  • Rim height (mm) 50
  • Rim height front (mm) 50
  • Rim height rear (mm) 50
  • Rim Inner Width (mm) 22.5
  • Rim outer width (mm) 28.5
  • Spokelenght rearwheel driveside (mm) 268
  • Spokelenght rearwheel nondriveside (mm) 270
  • Spokelength frontwheel (mm) 270
  • Spoke nipples DT Swiss Squorx Pro Head Pro Lock brass black
  • Spoke pattern front wheel H2X
  • Spoke pattern rear wheel H2X
  • Spokes Sapim Aero CX Ray
  • Tire type Folding tire
  • Tire type Wired tire
  • Type RD
  • Weight frontwheel (g) 740
  • Weight rearwheel (g) 820
  • Weight wheelset (g) 1560
  • Wheel accessories included Tubeless valve 63mm (2x)
  • Wheel accessories included Wheelbag SINGLE (2x)
  • Wheel front, rear or set Wheelset


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